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RC Boats Australia

 Remote Control Model Boats

Whether you're a master of the seas or still wobbly with your sea legs at Hobby Hero, you'll be sure to find the perfect remote control model boat for your skill level. Shop online to view our extensive range of RC electric boats and more radio control vehicles from all your favourite and trusted brands.

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RC Boats in Australia

At HobbyHero, the sea calls to adventurers of all calibres, from seasoned sailors to those still finding their sea legs. Our collection of remote control model boats awaits, promising to match your skill level and ignite the spark of passion within you. Whether you explore our online store or visit our enchanting in-store haven, you'll discover an extensive range of RC electric boats and other radio control wonders, carefully crafted by your favourite and trusted brands.

Journey across Australia to find your perfect RC model boat, guided by our dedicated team of RC hobbyist experts. At Metro Hobbies, assisting you in selecting the ideal remote-controlled model boat and accessories is our joy and inspiration. Unravel the secrets of maritime adventure as we address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring your RC electric boat glides through the waves of excitement.

In our haven of exploration, you'll find an ocean of radio control boats and other captivating vehicles, each waiting to accompany you on unforgettable voyages. A warm welcome awaits you in-store, where you can witness the wonders firsthand and even request a demonstration. Our passion for your RC journey goes beyond the store – we'll guide you on caring for your specific RC boat model, ensuring it sails smoothly into every escapade.

Ease your path to maritime thrills with our flexible buy now, pay later using Afterpay. Not only that, we extend our love for RC across the entire Australian coastline – our swift mail service can deliver your newfound hobby supplies right to your doorstep.

So, let the waves of excitement carry you towards HobbyHero, where remote control model boats promise to lead you into uncharted waters of joy and exhilaration.

The voyage begins now – anchors aweigh!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Embark on Your RC Boat Adventure with HobbyHero!

How much is an RC boat?
Ah, the thrill of setting sail with an RC boat! The price of your dream RC boat will vary depending on the model and brand you desire. At HobbyHero, we believe that every RC electric boat is a masterpiece in its own right, reflecting its quality and abilities. Choose the one that speaks to your heart and unleashes boundless joy with every adventure.
What size brushless motor for RC boats?
Finding the perfect brushless motor is essential for smooth sailing on the waves of excitement. Our experts advise selecting a motor size that matches the weight and dimensions of your hull. For single-motor RC electric boats, we've got you covered with these starting points: 28-29mm for hulls up to 600mm 36mm for up to around 800mm 40mm for up to 1200mm (light brushless motor or abs hull) 56-58mm for anything over 40mm.
Can RC boats go in salt water?
Explore the vastness of salt and fresh waters with your RC electric boat, but remember, proper maintenance and precautions are essential. While our RC model boats in Australia are built to withstand the salty allure, keep in mind that saltwater can be quite corrosive. Safeguard your treasured RC model with love and care.
How do RC boats work?
Ahoy, captain! Unlock the magic behind your remote-controlled model boat. Powered by an electric motor at the front, connected to a shaft that runs through the hull, your RC boat responds to signals from your radio transmitter. Watch as your commands bring your boat to life, gracefully gliding through the water with each steer.
For Beginners to Experienced Sailors - Let's Set Sail Together!
Ahoy, fellow sailors! Our collection caters to all levels of experience, from the mail buoy watch to the master of the seas. At HobbyHero, we embrace every journey with enthusiasm, ensuring you find an RC boat that perfectly suits your skill level. Explore our delightful collection, and if you need any guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts at Metro Hobbies. Together, we'll find the perfect rig to steer you towards unforgettable adventures, Captain! With boundless excitement and the winds of joy guiding us,

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