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Bandai Gundam Kits in Australia


Gundam Australia

Also known as Gunpla, Bandai & Gundam are incredibly popular and fun.

Guide into Gundam

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what is Gundam, Bandai or Gunpla ?

Gundam, a legendary Japanese media franchise, encompasses a series of iconic mecha, or giant robotic suits, known as "mobile suits." Created by Sunrise, Gundam emerged as a powerful blend of futuristic technology and compelling storytelling. Set against a backdrop of interstellar conflicts, the franchise explores themes of war, humanity, and evolution. Stemming from animated series, movies, and model kits, Gundam has captivated audiences since its inception in 1979, influencing pop culture and sparking a fervent fan community worldwide.


What is the difference between grades in gundam ?
In the world of Gundam model kits, "grade" refers to the level of detail, complexity, and overall quality of the kit. There are several grades available, each catering to different skill levels and preferences: High Grade (HG): These kits are beginner-friendly, featuring simpler designs and fewer parts. They are easy to assemble and typically offer less intricate details compared to higher grades. Real Grade (RG): Real Grade kits offer a balance between complexity and accessibility. They focus on capturing intricate details while maintaining a manageable assembly process, making them suitable for both intermediate and advanced modelers. Master Grade (MG): Master Grade kits are renowned for their exceptional detail and articulation. They provide a higher level of complexity and often include advanced techniques such as inner frames and more parts. These kits are a favorite among experienced modelers. Perfect Grade (PG): Perfect Grade kits are the pinnacle of Gundam modeling. They feature the highest level of detail, realism, and complexity. With numerous parts and intricate mechanisms, they are designed for expert modelers seeking a challenging and rewarding build. Each grade caters to different skill levels and preferences, allowing Gundam enthusiasts to choose the level of challenge and realism that suits them best.
What is the most challenging Gundam grade to assemble?
Learn about Gunpla Grades and Scales with our Gunpla 101 guide. The complexity of a model is determined by its grade, which influences the number of pieces involved. Among the range, the most intricate build is the Crossbone Gundam (Master Grade 1/100). As a Master Grade, it boasts the highest part count, and these components are meticulously crafted for optimal quality.
Are instructions provided with Gundam kits, similar to LEGO?
Yes, every Gunpla kit comes with an instruction sheet. The complexity of the model determines the length of the instructions. For instance, Perfect Grade kits are known for their extensive instructions; some jest they could double as makeshift tools. Fortunately, these instructions share a resemblance to LEGO's instructional format.
Do gundam kits come with tools ?
Gundam kits typically do not come with tools. You'll need to have basic modelling tools like nippers, hobby knives, and tweezers for assembly.

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