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Call Of Duty release includes Gundam content Bundle

Call Of Duty release includes Gundam content Bundle

Hey there, fellow gamers!

Have you ever imagined mixing the high-octane action of Call of Duty with the iconic mechs from Gundam? Well, brace yourselves, because that dream is now a reality! The much-anticipated Call of Duty x Gundam crossover is here, and it’s packed with some seriously cool content that you won’t want to miss.

Activision has officially released the Call of Duty Gundam Content Bundle, also known as the Tracer Pack: Mobile Suit RX-78. And let me tell you, it’s everything we hoped for and more. This bundle brings the legendary RX-78-2 Mobile Suit from the Gundam universe straight into the battlefield of Call of Duty, giving us a fantastic blend of futuristic mech action with the gritty, tactical combat we all love.

The centerpiece of this bundle is, of course, the RX-78 Operator skin. When you equip this skin, you’ll feel like you’re piloting a Mobile Suit right in the middle of your favorite Call of Duty maps. But that’s not all. The bundle also includes themed weapon blueprints that look straight out of the Gundam series, complete with vibrant colors and futuristic designs. Whether you're blasting enemies with a beam rifle-inspired assault weapon or slicing through with a beam saber-themed melee weapon, the Gundam vibes are strong.

But what really sets this bundle apart is the attention to detail. The trailer showcasing this crossover is just jaw-dropping. From the sleek animation of the RX-78 skin to the intense combat scenes, it’s clear that a lot of love went into bringing these two worlds together. The trailer has already got fans buzzing with excitement, and it’s easy to see why. The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay looks smoother than ever.

There's even a trailer out now, which you can see here, showing off the new content in all its glory. The trailer also gives us a peek at the pricing for the bundles, so you can start saving up your COD Points.

If you’re a Call of Duty veteran, this bundle offers a fresh, exciting twist to your gameplay. And if you’re a Gundam fan, it’s a nostalgic trip back to one of the most beloved anime series of all time. It’s a win-win situation that’s sure to spice up your gaming sessions.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up with the RX-78 and dominate the battlefield like never before. The Call of Duty x Gundam crossover is live, and it’s ready to take your game to the next level. Dive in, enjoy the mech madness, and may your killstreaks be ever in your favor!

Happy gaming, Your friends at HobbyHero


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